I just love a sweet family photo session and the Harpers gave me the honor of photographing their adorable family four times before they moved to Texas! It started with their maternity pictures at Adam’s Acres Riverside Events Venue, then Everett Ann’s newborn pictures in their home, followed by her 6 month milestone pictures on front campus of GCSU, and then ended with the cutest one year photo shoot and cake smash in their back yard! A short back story about Everett Ann; a little while after we did maternity pictures, Amanda went into labor and Everett Ann had to be in the NICU for a while because she had come so early. Once they finally got to take her home she had gotten so big and was the healthiest looking preemie I’d ever seen! She definitely is the cutest little girl! Every photo shoot after that was so fun and I loved getting to know her a little more each time. This one year session and cake smash was just adorable and one might even say it “takes the cake” on the other photo shoots (my mom joke game is strong, y’all).

Family sessions are some of my favorite to photograph, probably because I have a little family of my own now and I know how much I love getting our family pictures printed and hung on our walls after we get pictures made. Nothing can let you relive memories more than a photograph, and it’s even more impactful when you print them. To see those precious photos every day as you pass your walls or look through your heirloom photo album is just beautiful. And the fact that you can pass those photographs down to your kids and grandkids one day is even more beautiful! It is so important to document these fleeting moments of your babies and take consistent family pictures every few months. Trust me, I’m preaching to the choir because my baby Elliott turned nine months old over two weeks ago and I still have yet to take his pictures (which is terrible because I’m a family photographer)!


The Pinterest worthy tent and props were put together by Everett Ann’s parents and I was so impressed by them! The confetti filled balloons came from Amazon.com and the tent parts and flowers came from Hobby Lobby.



I don’t know whose idea it was or where it started, but it’s such a fun and cute tradition for a baby to smash a miniature cake on their first birthday! It’s even cuter to be the one to take pictures of it and see their eyes light up when they take the first bite! Everett Ann was so cute and sweet, that she even tried feeding some of her cake to her doggy brother. #allthefeels


Also, can we just talk about how cute Everett Ann’s dress was?! She did so great (as she always does every photo shoot) and I absolutely loved hanging out with her and her sweet parents!