Candice Emerson

Fine Art Photographer

hey friend,

I’m Candice! I’m a film and digital photographer serving in Middle GA, Atlanta, and available for travel worldwide. I’m a lover of Jesus, my husband, my sweet babies, and the beach! If you’re familiar with the enneagram, I’m a 3w4. Which basically means I like to get stuff done and I love creativity. I have recently become a daily coffee drinker, which I’ve never really been fond of before this point! When I was 14, after saving up all the money I owned, I stayed up all night in Best Buy’s parking lot on Black Friday so I could buy my first DSLR camera because I knew I wanted to be a photographer. When I was 16 I photographed my first wedding (over 10 years ago!) and have since had my own wedding, had two beautiful babies, and photographed hundreds of portraits & weddings. I count it a joy to photograph love stories, make memories tangible, and to deliver heirlooms that will be cherished by families for generations to come. I encourage every CHP couple and family to print their pictures. Printing photographs makes your memories tangible, it helps create legacy, and it preserves history. I believe there is nothing more valuable to pass down to your kids and grandkids than photographs. I grew up with the camera constantly in my face, which is probably one of the reasons why I love taking photos now, and as I look back at all the photos that were taken even before I was born, I see tangible memories. I see babies that grew up way too quickly. I see loved ones that are no longer here. I see the look on my Dad’s face as he watched my Mom recite her vows. I see legacy. 
And it would be an honor for me to capture yours.
Macon Photographer