My favorite part about spring is all the flowers, especially the Japanese Magnolia Trees in full bloom. They only last for about a week, so you have to act quick if you want to get any pictures showcasing them. I have been wanting updated family pictures and headshots of myself for a while, and was waiting patiently for these trees to bloom, so once I saw Coleman Hill in downtown Macon was covered in them, I knew we had to jump on it. I was planning to take all the ones of the kids, Justin with the kids, and was hoping I could just use a tripod for the ones with me in it. We did that before in the Fall and it worked alright, but I really wanted these to be taken without me having to bank on the fact that my kids would look at the camera on the tripod, and not have to run back and forth in a long skirt. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I asked another photographer friend (Sidney Middlebrooks who is amazing) if she would want to session swap and she was totally up for it! One of the amazing perks about being in the photography world is getting to work with friends and help each other get updated pictures! I loved getting to take pictures for her and her husband, Walker, and it was perfect because she loves the Japanese Magnolia Trees just as much as I do! She captured our family pictures and my headshots so beautifully and I absolutely love them! As a family photographer who is an advocate for printing pictures and making memories tangible, I have already printed my favorite pictures to display on the walls of our home and for Justin to hang in his office at work! Now we just need to get more command hooks and actually hang them on the walls. ๐Ÿ˜‰


The whole reason this family session took place was because of my need for new headshots as I recently revamped my website and wanted some updated photos that matched my brand colors, and the Japanese Magnolias were the perfect backdrop. I love how each picture turned out and canโ€™t thank Sidney enough for taking them!

I had a lot of people ask about my outfit and where I got it from. Believe it or not, both the shirt and the skirt I ordered off of Amazon! The shirt was only about $15 and the skirt was about $40. My hair was done by the amazing Sheri Leichty at Fringe Salon here in Macon!

We love living in downtown Macon and being able to ride our bikes to places like Coleman Hill, and you can actually see our street from the top of it! We love this town and are so thankful that the Lord has us here in this season. I love being able to serve families here by photographing them, whether that be for their wedding day, or capturing every day moments during a family or lifestyle photo shoot.