When I was planning my own wedding 5 years ago, you could find me pinning. I pinned barn weddings in the country with the bridesmaids carrying sunflower bouquets, wearing turquoise dresses and cowgirl boots. The only problem is that’s not my style at all (I don’t even own a pair of cowgirl boots). I just thought because it was on Pinterest and it looked cute, I would totally have the same thing at my wedding. Until I actually got engaged and realized I didn’t really want those things. Thankfully I started pinning things more to my personality and style. I wanted to make a blog post that will hopefully be an easy guide to picking out your wedding colors, so here we go! (If you’re wondering, we had an elegant evening wedding at a mansion with gold sequin table runners and champagne colored bridesmaids dresses- much more my style!)

Be mindful of the season

Usually the first thing brides check off their list is narrowing down the wedding date. With that being said, the season of when the wedding will be plays a huge part in what colors to choose. Most people getting married in the spring/summer will choose softer, or more colorful tones, and ones getting married in the fall/winter go with the more bold, rich tones.

Summer wedding at ashton gardens in atlanta georgia

Your venue plays a part

After the date is set, the next thing on the checklist is finding your wedding venue. This also plays a part in what your wedding colors and theme should be. Since my wedding was at a mansion, it wouldn’t have made sense to have cowgirl boots, burlap table runners, or mason jars as the center pieces. But if you’re getting married at a barn, then all those details make sense!

Consider the atmosphere  

What kind of “mood” or atmosphere do you want to set at your wedding? Elegant and romantic? Traditional and sophisticated? Rustic and laid back? This has a lot to do with your personalities as a couple, so don’t over think it and just be yourselves when picking out your wedding colors and theme.

The time of day

The time of the ceremony and reception can also play a part in picking out your wedding colors and theme. If you have a morning or early afternoon wedding, expect your guests to arrive a little less formal than they would for an evening wedding, especially if it’s an outdoor venue. With that being said, you probably wouldn’t choose your bridesmaid’s dresses to be floor length gold dresses with sequins.

Be true to your wedding day dreams

It’s always great to get advice from loved ones when planning your wedding, but remember this is your day! Pick out the colors you love and that you’ll love looking at in pictures after the day is long gone. Pick out what fits your style and personality and what makes sense for you! Whatever you choose will be beautiful and I’m so excited for you! Happy planning!


I’m Candice Emerson and I’ve been a family and wedding photographer for over 10 years now! I’m a hybrid photographer, which means I shoot on digital cameras as well as film cameras. My style is considered fine art, “light and airy”, romantic, and timeless. I absolutely love every wedding I have the honor to photograph whether it be an elegant black-tie wedding, beach wedding, barn wedding, destination wedding, elopement, church wedding, or even an intimate woodland wedding. I’m a photographer serving in Macon, GA and photograph weddings and families in Macon, Fort Valley, Perry, Milledgeville, Savannah, and Atlanta. I’m always up for an adventure and ready for destination weddings or engagement sessions any day of the year! Contact me for more information on meeting for coffee and booking your wedding! I would love to be your wedding or family photographer! Contact me for availability!