Micaiah Davi

2 Years Old

Y’all. Our baby girl. She’s not a baby anymore. On September 28th she turns TWO years old. Micaiah, it has been the funnest two years of our lives raising you. You are so full of life and curiosity. Nothing scares you (except the vacuum on occasion), and I’m convinced you are more brave than I am. Your smile is infectious and your laugh can turn my whole day around. The way you sing I love you to the tune of Baby Shark while you clap your hands and tilt your head makes my heart melt. You think every song has the phrase “let it go” in it and it’s adorable, especially when you try to sing along to worship songs. Speaking of which, you are the sweetest little worshipper. If watching you worship brings a smile to my face the way it does, I can only imagine what it does to Jesus when He looks at you. I can’t wait to see who you grow up to be and what all you will do for the Kingdom. I love you forever, baby girl.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Micaiah!